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Ampera vs Leaf: which should you buy?

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Vauxhall has declared a beginner edition of its Ampera electric operated car, called Ampera World. Priced at £29,995 – even after the £5,000 Govt plug-in car allow – the term ‘entry level’ is obviously being used very generally, given that (for the same money) you could buy a brand new BMW 3 Sequence.

The asking price for the Vauxhall Ampera World also places it into the shooting line of the Car LEAF, the first produced in higher quantities and vaguely affordable all-electric family car. So, it increases the question, which should you buy? Here is our guide to these two zero-emission characters.

Pure electric operated vs variety device electric

The first thing that should be mentioned about these two automobiles is the different methods in which they work. The Car LEAF is a operated car in the manner you may imagine – it operates completely on power and needs asking for from the mains when battery energy has exhausted. This process can take between anywhere between 1-15 hours with regards to the whether you are connecting it in at home, or making use of the significantly common fast-charge points. Either way, if you run out of juice before you get tom your location, you are in for a bit of a wait before you can get going again.

The Vauxhall Ampera is known as a variety device electric operated car. It uses an website unit to energy the tires in the same way as the LEAF, but has a traditional four-cylinder petrol website as well. This website is not used to energy the tires when battery energy operates dry, rather it shoots up to generate power, which is then in turn used to drive the car.

This on panel power creation indicates the Ampera has a total variety (battery and a complete petrol tank) of around 360 kilometers. This measures up more positively to the LEAF’s highest possible theoretical variety of 100 kilometers, and because you can simply complete the container complete of petrol if you are nowhere near a asking for point, you have none of the ‘range-anxiety’ associated with genuine energy source.


The basic Ampera World comes outfitted with digital stations, a touch-screen display and Wireless connection, electric operated heating and cooling, vacation management and distant keyless access. Not a lot of devices, given the asking price. You can of course get set furniture, treating digital cameras and a DVD player with on panel HDD storage, but this implies ascending the style steps and separating with more cash.

The LEAF is provided in a much more simple way. The basic car contains all the suitable kit as standard, with the only options being solar power sections, various pads and safety protects and vehicle receptors. As such, it’s much better value than the Ampera, particularly considering it expenses £25,990 – a huge £4,005 less, when taken with the Govt connect in car motivation.

Running costs

The present tax guidelines make energy source a practical consideration for company car individuals, even if their great record expenses guideline them out for many personal customers looking for an reasonable website.

Under the present Advantage in Kind (BIK) tax system, genuine electric operated, zero-emission automobiles like the LEAF are responsible for no tax for the first five decades. What exactly is more companies can write-off the complete value of the car in the first season, significance tax benefits for the car owner.

Not being a completely battery energy operated electric operated car, the Ampera is responsible for five % BIK, significance an yearly tax expenses of around £300 (depending on optionally available extras) on the lower 20 % tax amount for the basic World style.

It’s important to note that that the tax guidelines with regards to energy source are due to change in 2015, after the zero-emission ‘tax holiday’ declared truly operates out. Pure electric operated automobiles are due to be responsible for nine % BIK – only one % less than an ultra-low exhaust burning website car.

These automobiles can save their owners cash in other methods, too. Both are exempt from the London, uk traffic jam price and both will price around £1-2 to completely price. Even a reasonable 50mpg diesel petrol car will price around £12.70 to protect the 100-odd distance variety a complete battery energy will give you.

Still not decided?

Ultimately, your conditions will have to be very specific for either of these energy source to be advantageous. Private customers looking to reduce their driving bills are not likely to make use of either, due to the great asking expenses and the mysterious extra performance of both automobiles. Such customers will probably be better off with a reasonable traditionally operated car.

Unless you are assured that your way of life matches the restricted variety of the LEAF, we would suggest the Ampera, as its back-up automobiles reduces all the complications introduced about by the restricted variety of the battery power. Its assurance also continues two decades longer than the LEAF’s, at seven decades. The energy supply itself is protected by an eight season assurance, compared to the Nissan’s five. That extra protect is welcome, given the as yet misguided durability of battery energy packages used.

Don’t lose hope if you find that neither of these automobiles completely fits your needs. With battery energy technology growing at a amount of troubles, and more and more producers adopting energy, the future looks shiny for zero exhaust driving.


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